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Flowers Blooming In Our Yard –




On Wings

Monarch – we have lots of these visiting our yard right now.

Pipevine Swallowtail – This last one is titled “Tattered Wings”.

Notice the proboscis or butterfly tounge going right into the flowers center.  🙂

Hawks Nest Continued …

Well it’s official! We do have some kind of hawk on the nest! These are not the best pictures but this old dead scraggly tree is quite a ways out in the field. Even with my kick-ass Canon Rebel camera and the 55×250 lens – I still don’t have enough zoom power! Are we photographers ever really happy with the amount of zoom we have? I’m beginning to think not. lol.

The temp gadget on my rearview mirror in my truck was reading 101. This poor bird!! You gotta feel sorry for her! Not a speck of shade anywhere.

Looks like she needed to adjust a little here. I have no clue if the eggs have hatched yet or not. Would love to be lucky enough to see a couple of babies next time I go by.


Cholla Cactus In Bloom

We’ve got lots of these cacti in bloom around us. Aren’t these pretty? The bees love them.

Cholla Fruit (pronounced – Choy-uh)

Hawk On A Nest or Not?

There’s a couple of dead trees along this area of Kansas Settlement Road. I’m always on the lookout for them because I’ve seen this one lone nest in this dead tree for a long time. I was pretty sure it was a hawks nest at one time but not positive. I’ve often wondered if I’d be lucky enough to see a hawk nesting on it. I drove past it on my way home from Willcox without really looking at it but out of the corner of my eye a little spot in the nest caught my attention. I kept on going since I had already passed it. But WHAT was that little spot? Am I missing the opportunity to see a hawk on this nest? I couldn’t stand it anymore so I turned the truck around and went a mile back. I’m in flip-flops and there’s mesquites all along this road. Those nasty things are full of thorns and they hurt when they grab a hold of you. There’s also a barbed wire fence I wont be able to sneak over with flip-flops on. and oh yeah, lets not forget about the rattle snakes! As soon as I opened the truck door and looked down there was a 4 foot long snake skin there! Gotta keep an eye out on those boogers too! Ok, so I start taking pictures and I’m still not sure what I’m seeing in the nest  … It’s just too far out there for me to tell and I was purposely making a racket to see if I could get any movement on the nest. Much to my dismay, it never moved once. I had myself convinced it was just a piece of wood sticking out but I continued to take a bunch of pictures anyways. You know, just in case.  😉

I Got home and downloaded them to the computer. I swear I think I’m seeing a hawks tail end there! I can’t believe my eyes! I’ll leave it up to you though … what do you think? Is this a hawks rump or do you think it’s something else? Hopefully I’ll get to see activity on the nest next time I’m going back to Willcox.

A couple of photos of different hawks from previously …


Birdwatchers of A Different Kind


Emma (top photos) is my spoiled little brat and Junior (bottom photos) is

Daddy’s little boy. 


Taken with a Canon EOS Rebel XSi